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Frequency wire therapy

The germs (micro-organisms such as Borrelia in Lyme disease) are treated with frequency wires. These are cures with pieces of copper wire with a specifically programmed healing vibration.  You take a cure home and carry one frequency wire with you. The healing vibration treats you 24 hours a day.

A standard cure contains eight wires. Every three days you have to change the wire for a new one. So, the cure will take 24 days. You receive an instruction how to handle. For some nasty germs a follow up cure is necessary.

Every micro-organism needs a specific frequency or vibration to be extinguished. For example, Borrelia is extinguished with the frequency of Lauric Acid (from coconut fat). Co-infections need their own specific frequency wire.

Frequencies are derived from vitamins, minerals and elements from the atomic element table. This is the periodic system of Mendeljew, well known in Quantum physics. Where the elements themselves are sometimes elusive and toxic, such as the Chlorine element, the frequency of an element can be medicinal. A wire with the frequency of Chlorine can be used to treat Asthma.

The specific healing frequencies of these elements are programmed in copper wire with a device that sends a current through the wire. Then the programming of the medicinal vibration remains in the thread when the current has gone.

When a frequency wire is worn, your body absorbs this vibration and the disease is extinguished by the vibrating energy. The wire will be empty in three days, that is why you change to a new wire.
Your own immune system is also shaken awake. In this way, your own immune system helps to extinguish the germ.

It’s safe. You do not take medication. If it becomes just too much in terms of detoxification symptoms, such as fatigue, then you put the frequency wire aside. Then you pick it up again later and let the cure take a little longer. You can dose it yourself safely according to your capacity.

In my practice it is the knowledge and skill to first detect the harmful micro-organism and then determine which specifically frequency wire should be used to extinguish the pathogen harmless.

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