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Neck and Back complaints

Are you looking for a solution for your neck or back problems?

The following complaints are often related to neck and back complaints: headache, migraine, RSI or mouse arm, stiffness, chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, pain in the shoulder, tennis elbow, pain in the wrist, hands or fingers, scoliosis in the back, crooked hip, leg length difference, leg pain or tingling, burnout or fatigue. The complaints can also occur with mental/emotional complaints such as being tense or anxious due to unhealed trauma.

Do the complaints not disappear with rest, chiropractic-, manual- or physiotherapy and targeted exercises?

The solution for you

At ALVITAL I can trace the root cause for you with my holistic approach. Physically it can be a pathogenic micro-organism, which you can extinguish with frequency wire therapy. The complaint can also be the result of an injury, accident, collision or whiplash, which causes vertebrae to shift. Mentally/emotionally stress factors can be the cause. Spiritually there may be a strange burden at you that causes these complaints.

I can work with you on a solution of all mentioned causes with my forms of therapy. You are welcome.