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Hallux Valgus

What is a Hallux Valgus or Bunion?

This common condition shows a lump on the side of the foot at the start of the big toe. The big toe itself is turned outwards. This lump is often accompanied by a bursitis with swelling and stabbing pain. It can occur on one or both feet. This condition can be exacerbated in women by wearing high-heeled shoes. It is more common in certain families. This is seen as an innate predisposition.

What is the cause?

It has been clearly observed in the practice of energetic medicine that most cases of Hallux valgus are caused by the presence of a specific fungus. This belongs to the fusarium family: Fusarium oxysporum.
This fungal species can occur simultaneously in ovaries, cervix, spleen, pancreas, lymph, skin and the central nervous system. In the pancreas this pathogen can give rise to hypoglycaemia and in the central nervous system neurological symptoms.
When this fungus is present in the ovaries, it can of course be given to the egg. So several members of a family can have this complaint.

What is possible in terms of recovery?

In addition to the existing corrective operations, the pathogen must also be treated to prevent a recurrence of the complaint. The frequency wire therapy is used for this. This renders the fusarium fungus harmless. The disease process is then stopped. The bunion usually does not disappear and must be surgically removed. With this approach, the chance of the bunion growing back is minimal.
After recovery, the deformation of the foot is largely gone. You can wear normal shoes again. Walking is better again.


After surgery and frequency wire therapy, any remaining pain symptoms may indicate an emotional charge in the painful foot and toe, such as unprocessed anger or frustration. This field of tension can be treated with psychodynamics.

Specialized clinic

In Spain, Alicante, is a specialized clinic that performs the operation with a look-in operation, minimally invasive, without screws, plaster and with only a small scar. You then walk out of the clinic with a special sandal. There is a quick recovery period. This is Clinica San Roman: http://www.clinicasanroman.com