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What is Bio-Energetic Therapy

What is Bio-Energetic Therapy

Bio-Energetic therapy is based on the existing connections between body, mind and soul and between all body parts, a holistic approach.
If this energetic system works well, it ensures a natural balance, health and vitality. If your healthy connections are blocked by pain, stress or illness, this blockage can be removed and your natural balance can be restored with the help of energetic forms of therapy. Pathogenic blockages, micro-organisms and mental/emotional/spiritual causes disturb this balance. These are addressed here with energetic therapy.
The focus here is on solving the deeper cause of complaints. It is a different approach than regular medicine. That works with separate disciplines and medicines, often only effective in symptom control with many side effects.

No panacea

If the energetic system is blocked by pain or stress, then complaints can develop into diseases. Energetic therapy can help remove this blockage and tackle the cause. The degree of recovery depends on the power of the human recovery capacity. This can be limited by the (definitive) damage already done to the body and/or mind. However, a person has a (sometimes mysterious) recovery capacity. It is therefore possible that the damage caused by the symptoms is greatly reduced or eliminated. So the body and mind can recover (in part or in full) with the help of energetic therapy. The healthier the energetic system, the more powerful the self-healing capacity and the greater the chance of recovery.

Practice at Alvital
At Alvital, Bio-Energetic Therapy is applied in a complete holistic approach to the client as a total person. Use is made of:
  • Bioresonance therapy,
  • Energetic therapy,
  • Psychodynamics therapy,
  • Quantum Touch healing.

Both in the practice and in the Quantum field at a distance. See Approach and Therapy Forms.

Example of holistic working at Alvital

The cause for an headache does not have to be directly in the head. It can also be located elsewhere, for example in the blood vessels and oxygen supply in the body. The deeper cause of the problem can be a micro-organism, a physical trauma due to a whiplash, an unprocessed emotional trauma, a trauma on your soul from past lives or a combination of these causes. These causes are examined in conjunction and can all be treated here.
I look at your whole body and mind to draw up the right treatment plan for your complaints.

Along with regular medicine

Bio-Energetic therapy can easily be used in conjunction with regular medicine because it complements each other. Regular medicine can regulate symptoms of disease with medicines. Bio-Energetic therapy looks for the cause and works with several energetic therapies without medicines.
A collaboration between regular medicine and Bio-Energetic therapy would enormously increase the possibilities in health care and save a lot of costs, for example of expensive examinations and operations.

Well-known advocates

Bio-Energetic therapy is also bio-physical therapy. Dutch doctor Nico Westerman has written books about this and conferences have already been held by the Dutch “Doctor and Acupuncture Association”. It is the development of the new form of therapy in the 21st century.