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Energetic Therapy

In my practice it is the knowledge and skills to detect and treat the harmful micro-organism.

The germs or micro-organisms (such as Borrelia in Lyme disease or Epstein Barr virus in mononucleosis/Pfeiffer) are treated with energetic therapy.
A germ (such as Borrelia) with its pathogenic energy is made harmless during the consultation.
Lyme co-infections, such as Bartonella, are treated separately.

With the help of the universal energy, diseased organisms are transmuted into a harmless energy, which is called extinction, allowing symptoms to disappear and the body to recover.

I have been given the gift to use this universal energy in this way and it is still in development.

So the sick energy is completely changed into harmless energy by the healing power of the universal energy.

In practice and remotely, I can see which part of the body is in stress (sick) and I can detect the germ present there and have it transmuted instantly. Immediately afterwards I can observe the result, so recovery from symptoms can start.

And I then provide a healing on the relevant body part to promote recovery.

I also check for mental/emotional/spiritual blockages or deeper causes, which may allow new germs to enter or arise from a long-term stress picture.
For example, shingles or Herpes Zoster can develop in periods of prolonged stress, without an infection,  and could return if this stress is not addressed.

The treatment is safe. You don’t take any medications.

I always say: I can treat and neutralize a lot, but healing depends on your recovery capacity and immune system.

That depends on your own holistic recovery capacity: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

N.B.: People sometimes ask: does this therapy completely remove a germ from your body?
However, this cannot be proven with any regular or naturopathic test. It is therefore impossible to determine whether the last cell of a germ has disappeared from your body.
What matters is that the germ is neutralized and that your complaints disappear and that you can start recovering. Defusing is also referred to as extinguishing a germ.

Do you suffer from chronic complaints? Haven’t you found a solution yet?
Do you want a save treatment of the cause of your complaints?
You are welcome.