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Personal Health Check

Do you want to have a measurement to see your health risks and prevent nasty Diseases?
You can continue for a long time with complaints of nagging pains, tiredness or being tense. Diseases, micro-organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. can be in our body for years before the symptoms of being sick present themselves.
One in three people sooner or later run the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or dementia, which kill many people every year.

Do you want to belong to the risk groups or are you going to work on your health in time?

Medical examinations

Medical examinations, scans, etc. often give a result about symptoms, but not always the cause of complaints. So if you are stressed or tired or have pain and you want to know the root cause, take the Personal Health Check. Then you have the greatest chance of staying out of the risk groups and you can start working on improving your health in time.

Personal Health Check consult

During the Personal Health Check I check your health with my Bioresonance system, the SCIO-EDUCTOR, and I do a personal examination for disturbing germs and mental-emotional-spiritual issues. In a one-hour consultation you will gain insight into your stress factors, the causes and an advice for improvement.
It gives you a comprehensive picture of your stress factors and possible germs, which you can work on and, if desired, arrange a treatment for. You will receive a report via Email.

This can be done local or remote. See: Remote Consultation.

I invite you to invest sustainably in your largest capital good,
the healthy condition of your body and mind.