Welcome to Alvital – I’m Ruud and this is my practice

Do you have health problems and are you looking for a solution?

I live and work in Portugal and treat clients here and remotely in the Netherlands and other countries to their satisfaction.

You are very welcome here with your health problems. In my practice I measure, examine and treat you holistically as a total person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That gives you more understanding of your situation, the causes and which treatment suits you best. You will be treated with energetic forms of therapy, without medication. This is possible in my practice and also remotely: See Approach.

Thanks to my holistic approach you can come here with a wide spectrum of health issues. See Complaints, and on the right: Treatment options and Diseases.

Here is a solution for the Corona & Covid-19 virus.

You can have your health measured preventively in a Personal Health Check.

Measurement and treatment methods:

Alvital is a practice for Bio-Energetic therapy without medicines. I work with the SCIO-Eductor Bioresonance system, Energetic therapy, Psychodynamic therapy and Quantum Touch healing in a unique combination.

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Practical information: