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Stress Reduction

Treatment of fatigue, stress or pain

You are sometimes stressed or tired. Usually that can be solved by vacation or a weekend away. But if the symptoms are chronic and do not disappear, if you are blocked or you cannot find the cause, then it is time to take action. Even if it is said that you “just have to learn to live with it”, there is something to be done about it.

About fatigue, stress or pain (which not everyone knows):
  • Stress, unhealed trauma, tension in family, relationships, at school and work can lead to complaints such as fatigue and illness.
  • Tiredness, stress and pain can manifest in all your dimensions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Complaints can be caused by Lyme disease, Pfeiffer or other germs (micro-organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, etc.).
  • Waste and toxins in your body, side effects of medicines, too little exercise or insufficient healthy food and drink get you out of balance. Combined with another burden, this can be the straw that leads to complaints.
  • These complaints are measurable and treatable in a natural way at Alvital.
Who can benefit from this?
  • People whose cause has not yet been found and who may have already undergone various treatments.
  • People with chronic pain in the neck, back or elsewhere in the body.
  • Victims of bullying at school/work or (sexual) abuse.
  • Athletes looking for acceleration in recovery after injuries and/or medical interventions.
  • Seniors who want to reduce their degeneration process and the symptoms of aging.
Personal treatment program

Do you want to know the root cause of your complaints and have them treated?
Through my way of working I have helped many clients to find the deeper cause of their tiredness, stress or pain. I can measure what is wrong with you. Then a personal treatment program is prepared, taking into account what you can handle.
The treatment can be done in a natural way, using your own recovery capacity, so without medication.
In addition to the physical approach to germs, it is also possible that mental, emotional or spiritual aspects are treated.

I invite you to throw your superfluous ballast overboard and work on your own core qualities, to be the best, namely yourself.