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Quantum Touch Healing

Quantum Touch is a breakthrough in healing with the hands. It is a simple method of practical healing with universal energy.
Every body has a self-healing capacity. With the help of just a very light touch of a painful spot, your self-healing capacity is strengthened. Your discomfort is reduced or removed. Healing energy is passed via my hands, combined with breathing technique. I encourage your body to get to work.

The result is that you can reduce stress, pain and discomfort. Even your bones can rearrange, such as correcting a skew in the neck, robe of the hip.

Unmanaged emotional tensions of fear, sadness and anger can be reduced or removed. For example, grief in an heart region of anger in a neck.

There is no physical manipulation with the hands, only the healing, universal energy is transmitted through a very light touch. Your body is correcting itself.

I can also do a healing remotely.

I learned Quantum Touch from the founder, Richard Gordon.