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Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy, applied in my practice, is a solution-oriented application of methods and techniques from psychotherapy, regression therapy, emotional bodywork and coaching.

The goal is to work with you to take off your mask and to become the best you can, namely yourself.

At Alvital I apply the following:
  • neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), learning how to deal with pain issues differently,
  • regression (tracing the moment when the complaint arose),
  • timeline technique, at what age did a sore point arise,
  • work with traumatic inner child pieces,
  • emotional bodywork,
  • chakra healing,
  • grounding exercise,
  • coaching.
Spiritual healing

In addition, I have a gift to be able to give spiritual healing with complaints from a strange spiritual burden. These are strange, negative energies, which can weigh heavily on you and of which you often do not know the cause.
These burden can hinder, chase after you, make you sick, make your home unsafe or cause accidents all your life. Such burden can be: family curses, entities, wandering souls, demons or a black magic curses.
I can remove this burden from you. In solving a family curse, the entire line of your family, the line from ancestors to your children, is cleaned.

A technique I developed is SER – Stress and Emotional Release.

Here you learn to let go of emotional tension in a structured approach, because letting go is told so often and so easily, but how do you learn this and how do you practice?