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Lyme Disease

Do you have Lyme disease or others, such as Pfeiffer, or do you think so?

Is this not well established in medical tests for you or are you not satisfied with your treatment?
Lyme disease is a combination of multiple pathogens that can cause many symptoms in different areas: neurologic (nervous system / brain), rheumatologic (muscles and joints), cardiologic (heart), with eyes, ears, skin and psychological. You can get upset emotionally. It is frustrating when you are tired, walking around with pain and nobody sees what is happening. Then it is also quickly said that it is “in your mind”, while there is a natural solution for it!
At Alvital, Lyme is easy to determine and can certainly successfully be treated without medication, such as antibiotics.

What many people don’t know about Lyme disease:
  • You can also have Lyme if it is not found in your blood, because it can “hide”.
  • Lyme can cause many different symptoms.
  • Lyme does not always have to occur after a tick bite with a red circle – bullseye.
  • Lyme is usually an infection of several germs in addition to the Borrelia.
  • Lyme can be transmitted by different insects, not just ticks.
  • Lyme can be the underlying disease of fibromyalgia, ME, MS, rheumatism, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Lyme can be sexually transmitted.
  • Lyme can be genetically transmitted to your children.
  • Lyme can affect you emotionally and can make you anxious or depressed.
  • Lyme can be measured and treated naturally, without antibiotics, at Alvital.


The tick is a most dangerous, very small animal. Only a part is infected with Borrelia and other germs, the co-infections.


It is difficult to see on the body and must be removed carefully.


After a tick bite, a red core with a circle – bullseye – may develop, but that is not necessary.

Lyme disease: multiple infections

Lyme disease consists of a main infection, the Borrelia burgdorferi, often with other pathogens or micro-organisms such as Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Rickettsia, Babesia, Mycoplasma, Myamotoi, and others, called co-infections. The Borrelia and various co-infections each have different strains, also called species. So there can be many different infections in your body (viruses, bacteria, spirochetes = spiral bacteria, fungi, etc.)
At Alvital, all listed species can be measured and treated well.

Personal treatment program

Many clients of Lyme disease, Pfeiffer and other diseases have been cured in a natural way, without antibiotics, in my practice.
I measure and examine what’s going on with you and set up a personal treatment program tailored to what you can handle.
A treatment plan can take a few or many months to heal, depending on the number of co-infections.

Natural treatment method

The way to treat Lyme disease and other diseases in a natural way is with a combination of energetic therapies. No medicines, such as antibiotics, are used.

Measurable and only treatable: layer by layer

Not all infections that have invaded with one insect bite can be measured in one go. It is like peeling an onion, I measure layer by layer. Because Lyme disease can hide, it is often the case that germs, which, for example, cause a heart rhythm disorder or stress on the nervous system, must be treated in between. After that, another form of Lyme can be measured and treated, so that the total lyme treatment can take 3 to 16 months.
There are also diseases that resemble Lyme disease: Coxsackie B, Yersinia and Weil’s disease. These too can be treated well here.
For an extensive list of symptoms, see the Dutch: lymenet.nl and Tekenbeetziekte.nl for more information. You can also watch the serious complaints of Lyme in the You Tube movie – “Under your Skin”. click here

Example of client experiences

She was tired and had complaints in her eyes and heart. An eye surgery was planned and a heart surgery was planned by medical specialists. My measurement indicated Lyme disease (Borrelia with co-infections, including Bartonella). The Lyme with a few co-infections were cured after 3 months of treatment, without surgery. I have had this experience with two clients in identical situations.

A number of doctors  have been cured from Lyme with my treatment. Clients who have been carrying Lyme for a long time, twenty years and longer have been cured of Lyme disease at Alvital. And also clients with a load of both Lyme and Pfeiffer and other combinations. All clients with Lyme, who have continued for months of treatment, sometimes with a month of relapse and aggravation of complaints due to severe co-infections, have all been cured in my practice.