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Unhealed Trauma and Emotional Release

Do you suffer from unreleased emotions or unhealed traumas?

Like an unprocessed death of a loved one, sadness, an emotional trauma? Are you a victim of a crime and/or sexual abuse, an unhealed trauma? Do you suffer from chronic uncertainty, fear or phobias? Or do you suffer from pain or discomfort after a whiplash of an accident, a physical trauma? Are you suffering from pain symptoms or the emotional consequences, such as staying anxious?

Are you looking for secure help with releasing emotions and traumas?

As a therapist and healer, I can detect and safely treat deeper causes of your emotional tension, such as fears, phobias and others, with multiple forms of therapy in practice. Germs, such as Lyme, can also play a role in fears. I can treat this in combination with your fears.

What is the approach to treating emotions and traumas?

As a Psychodynamic therapist, I have the training and experience to help you in a professional and safe manner in both physical and mental/emotional/spiritual traumas. With possible causes from this life or past lives.
For example, you may suffer from a feeling of a band around your neck or around your ankle and know no cause. Sometimes this is called phantom pain. I can also treat you safely with this type of burden.

In healing with Quantum Touch, I can reduce physical and mental / emotional tension. This is safely done without “cracking” or manipulation of vertebrae. It will bring your body more in balance and reduce emotional tension and pain. I have successfully treated many whiplash complaints.

Flower remedies are advised to break through emotional blockages and reduce the tension. These can be prescribed, specifically tailored to you.

In tackling all these problems you have the advantage that I can offer you solutions in all your dimensions. This can treat you broadly, from germs (physically) to energetically disturbing energies. Often the pathogens settle at weak spots in a body. The trauma burden and pathogens must be tackled in conjunction with each other. You do not need to go to several specialized therapists for that.

Stress and Emotional Release

A technique I developed is SER – Stress and Emotional Release.
You learn to let go of emotional tension in a structured approach. Letting go is told so often and so easily, but how do you learn this and how do you practice it?

I invite you to throw your superfluous ballast overboard and work on your own core qualities, to be the best, namely yourself.