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A consultation takes one hour and is ninety euros.

A standard consultation is one hour and includes a measurement, examination and treatment.

The first one-hour intake consultation is an introduction interview, measurement, examination and the preparation of a treatment plan. If you also want a treatment, an additional half hour of forty-five euros will be added.

A Personal Health Check is a health measurement, examination and advice (without treatment) of one hour and is ninety euros.

To only detect a pathogen and to determine a frequency wire cure, without further measurement and treatment, an half-hour consultation is possible and that is forty-five euros. This only applies to clients who are already being treated.

A standard cure with eight frequency wires is thirty euros ex shipping costs.

Payment is in cash. Direct transfer with mobile app is also possible.
There is no PIN machine.
Remote consultations must be paid in advance.

Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance. After a late cancellation or non-appearance, a consultation may be charged.

Alvital is member of the professional organization B.A.T.C. in The Netherlands.