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What is dementia?

Dementia is a collective name for various age complaints, in which mental and physical degeneration and loss of function or failure follow one another. It often starts with memory loss, usually short-term memory.
There may be a cholesterol problem and/or a developing disease, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, etc.
All kinds of disorders, such as neurological symptoms, tremors, etc. can occur. Someone’s personality can change.

What are important causes?

At Alvital I focus on a common problem with all these diseases. That is the deterioration of the condition of blood vessels and the nervous system by germs. Blood vessels can slack, stiffen, squeeze together and start to show cracks with many serious consequences. Degeneration of blood vessels opens the way for the deposition of cholesterol, plaque and calcification and, over time, the risk of clogging of vessels. The blood and oxygen supply in the blood vessels in the body and in particular in the brain is then affected.

Dementia can be caused by germs. These can be treated at Alvital, eliminating important causes of dementia and other diseases. Blood vessels can then recover and the degeneration can be delayed.

Recent research shows that unhealthy deposits can occur in the brain of substances in and between brain cells. This damages the tissues and also causes Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Regular treatment is not yet suitable for this.

Lifestyle, diet, genetic predisposition, etc. also play a role in dementia, such as alcohol consumption and little exercise.

Approach at Alvital

At Alvital I work on the detection and treatment of specific pathogens that affect the heart, blood vessels and nervous system. These viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc., are partly the cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and also cardiovascular diseases. Many people die as a result of these diseases.

After treatment at Alvital of the causal germs, the heart and blood vessels and nervous system can recover as far as possible. This reduces the risk of dementia and postpones degeneration. Experience in practice shows that functions of the heart and blood vessels and the fitness and clarity in the head improve. So dementia can be delayed or curbed from these causes. Both for clients with cardiovascular problems and for a client after a light TIA.

It is therefore important to work on the condition of the heart and blood vessels in time before the cholesterol, plaque, calcification, dementia or an infarction strikes you.

The risk can be traced through a Personal Health Check.

For already existing complaints, such as memory loss, starting tremor, heart complaints or after a slight TIA, therapy is possible for the recovery of the blood vessels in time. This increases the chance of preventing further damage. You increase the chance of recovery of already damaged body functions, which, however, depends on your own recovery capacity.

Do you want to have this preventively examined? Do you want to age as healthy as possible? Do you already have certain complaints and want this to be treated? You are invited to make an appointment.