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About Ruud Beckrop

Hello, I am Ruud Beckrop, Naturopathic Therapist, and Alvital is my practice.

My practice started in 2004.
Based on my life experiences and the expertise I have gained in business and my practice, I guarantee your understanding in your private circumstances and work situations.
As therapist in emotional bodywork, I was trained by Sander Bloemendal. I completed psychotherapy at the HBO Academy for Psychodynamics, as well as the HBO basic medical courses.
I attended trainings in Quantum Touch by the founder Richard Gordon. Trainings in the detection and treatment of viruses, bacteria, etc., with frequency wire therapy were followed by André Schaap.

The motivation in my work is to identify and treat the root causes of your complaints, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These holistic dimensions have a great coherence and interaction because you as a person are more than the organs in your body.
Where other medical disciplines often look from a particular specialty, I examine and treat you as a holistic person, more than the sum of your parts.
My method for detecting this is a unique combination of contemporary measurement techniques and energetic forms of therapy in the Netherlands.

The measurement with the SCIO-EDUCTOR gives a lot of information. My examination to germs detects harmful micro-organisms. My ability to see and treat spiritual blockages completes the holistic circle.
By using this measurement and examination method together with Psychodynamic techniques and Quantum Touch healing, your treatment will get exactly the right depth in your healing. In this way, your subconscious blockades are removed or alleviated, complaints reduced and, more often, completely resolved.
With the frequency wire therapy, your treatment at home is continued 24/7, making germs harmless so you can recover from your physical complaints.

I can also do your examination and treatment remotely. The SCIO-EDUCTOR works in the Quantum field. Time and distance are irrelevant. It works immediately. With my gift I can see and give healings from a distance. I can send the frequency wires to you. See Remote Consult.

Where possible, I work together with doctors and therapists.

It gives me great fulfillment to be able to do this work for you