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Client experiences

Some examples of client experiences at Alvital are:
Lyme disease

A woman came with complaints of fatigue, eye complaints and heart complaints. The eye doctor already wanted to operate, the cardiologist aimed for heart surgery. After the measurement at Alvital, it appeared to be a multiple Lyme infection with Borrelia and Bartonella. The treatment was successful in 3 months. The operations were not necessary. I have had this experience with two clients in identical situations.
A number of doctors  have been healed from Lyme with my treatment and many other clients. In practice, clients with both Lyme and Pfeiffer and other combinations have also been successfully treated.


A woman, a business manager, consumes all of her energy in the morning at work, is fatigue in the afternoon.  In the evening she is exhausted. After 7 SCIO treatments she can now work and perform all day long and she has energy again to have fun at night. This included coaching at her work attitude, dealing with multiple tasks and not being able to say NO.  Now her productivity has risen considerably.


After one preventive health measurement (personal health check) with the SCIO-EDUCTOR, a business manager says: “I now hear and see more about myself than what I have heard from my coach for a year. I can do something with this. ”After two additional combination treatments, the fatigue symptoms are gone.


A manager with burnout complaints is at home in the sickness law. After 7 treatments supplemented with coaching on his performance, duties and learning to tackle some of his badly behaving employees, who are unmotivated and underperforming, he can get back to work three months later.


A woman suffers from her neck and RSI complaints. With a body check there also appears to be a tilted hip position. After a treatment with Quantum Touch healing on the skull, neck, back and hip, the neck complaints are over, the hip is straight again. After three combination treatments, the RSI complaints are greatly reduced and well manageable. Coaching on better handling and spreading her workload ensures that work stress is reduced to an acceptable level.

Musician with RSI:

A musician from an international pop band could no longer play his instrument due to complaints in their hands and wrists. After five combination treatments, including coaching on his issue “and how should I continue my life after all this success?”, the complaints were resolved and he was able to go on tour again.

Top sport:

A top athlete was treated for six weeks from a burnout situation (no longer able to run) to be able to run again at the national championship. In addition, vitamins and minerals were prescribed. He became 1st at the 200 meters, 1st at the 400 meters and he was not completely satisfied with his 3rd place at the 800 meters.
Worldwide top athletes and sports teams have been treated with the SCIO for many years, with extraordinary performances, like: Windsurfer Dorian van Rijsselberghe – Olympic gold medal, AC Milan – European champion, Fullham – English champion, Chinese Olympic team – many medals, Greek football team – European champion , etc.

Muscle rheumatism – Fibromyalgia:

The doctor knows only one solution and that is to take Prednisone, probably all your life. My client, with two years of muscle rheumatism, doesn’t want to take that medicine. She comes to Alvital for a second opinion. After measurement and analysis and further questions, the rheumatism appears to have a mental / emotional cause. The theme is anger, unspoken and stored into the muscles and bones, especially the upper arms. Through the combination therapy of Bioresonance, Psychodynamics and Quantum Touch, anger and pain can still be expressed and transformed into strength. After 10 treatments, the complaints are almost gone. The rheumatism is no longer detectable. During that time blood was examined 4 times via the doctor. The 3rd and 4th time no more inflammatory values ​​were found in the blood, which were clearly present the first two times. The anger is under control, but it remains a point of attention for my client. She is very relieved and happy. She experiences it as a victory. It is no longer an enemy, but a friend who warns her about overloading or unspoken conflicts. She doesn’t have to take medication. The pain comes on occasionally and then she knows she has to work with an unprocessed piece of dissatisfaction or conflict with herself or her environment. She continues to detox her body for two years with a slow detox cure.

Q fever:

A salesman who visited a farm with a goat stable, got the Q fever. Afterwards he remained heavily tired and was barely able to work. After seven treatments, plus prescribing a frequency wire cure for detoxing the pathogen, three months later, he is free from the severe fatigue symptoms of Q fever.

Bone fracture:

“I get a sudden pain in my toe,” says a woman during a Quantum Biofeedback treatment. It appears that she hit and had broken her toe the week before, which she had not told because she came for something else. The fully automatic, energetic treatment had discovered the bone break and treated it “en passant”. Two weeks later she calls and tells us that the toe is completely healed. The fracture is healed within 3 weeks instead of the normal 6-week period.

Anorexia / bulimia:

A young woman with anorexia / bulimia complaints, who for several years has had various therapies aimed at this disease without result, is after seven treatments from the cause, focused on her inner, hurt child part and on strengthening her self-image, free of complaints.

Hormonal complaints:

A woman with complaints about major bleeding when menstruating appears to have a traumatic past after questioning, in which she has been sexually abused. After five treatments, focused on trauma processing, she feels free from a heavy burden and feels good about herself. Menstruation is still heavy now, but with far fewer complaints.
A woman with complaints of hair loss and bad nails is after 4 treatments, combined with the prescription of extra vitamins and minerals, supplemented with coaching on the stress in her life, rid of her complaints.

Visual problems:

Migraine is the complaint of a man around 30. He also has vision problems, a blind spot in the field of vision of an eye. After the first SCIO treatment, the blind spot has disappeared and can see completely again. After three treatments the migraine is reduced, but not gone. The cause is the pressure of his work situation, in which he is not happy. However, he is unable to change work at that time. We stop the treatments in consultation. He is satisfied with the result.

AD(H)D – Learning and behavioral problems:

A 10 year old boy is in danger of being expelled from school. He gets warning after warning, doesn’t pay attention in class, gets bad grades. He is being bullied and challenged and is also bullying himself. The Bioresonance measurement shows: ADD – concentration disorder, low brain activity, unprocessed sadness, aggression and a strongly disturbed blood sugar level. When asking questions, he turns out to eat too much and drink too little water. The candy behavior is being tackled and he is going to drink more water. After 8 combination treatments the complaints are under control. He is treated in particular with the SCIO-EDUCTOR on his brain save frequencies and on his limbic system, where the emotional blockages are treated.
He still doesn’t eat much and drinks good water. He is now learning better and has greatly improved his behavior. Even for his worst subject, he now gets a pass. He no longer receives warnings and does not allow himself to be challenged so quickly. He plays a leading role in the musical of the end of the school year and has been able to learn the entire text and role well without any problems.

A boy of 3 years old is not normal to handle in childcare because of his hyperactive behavior. The behavior resembles that of a bouncing ball, he cannot sit on a chair, he climbs everywhere. After 3 treatments with the combination therapy at distance, I hear from his mother that in childcare it is said: “What a sweet kid he has become”. The behavior has changed a lot and he is much calmer.