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What is Bioresonance therapy?

Bioresonance therapy works with energy waves of vital life energy, the Chi.
Every organ or body function has its own pattern of energy waves or frequencies. Every germ has that too. These are measured at you and compared with the norm values in the system. If the energy pattern of an organ or emotion is outside the norm value and is therefore blocked or stressed, this is signaled.

In the therapy, your stress blockage is reduced and your body and mind are brought back to its standard value, a good balance. The result is that your symptoms can decrease or disappear and your body and mind will function better again. This strengthens your vitality, both physically and mentally. You can feel much more relaxation and more in balance. You can feel this result immediately or after a few days after disposal of waste from the body.

Body cells are reprogrammed. It may be necessary to follow three treatments within a few weeks before this result is achieved. Complex diseases with many complaints, such as Lyme disease, require more treatments.

What kind of a device is the SCIO-EDUCTOR?

The SCIO-EDUCTOR or Quantum Biofeedback system is a measuring and treatment device that helps to balance your body system. It removes energy blocks and restores your natural balance and vitality.

Sitting in a relax armchair with a headband, you are measured in a short time, fully automatically with soft, barely perceptible, energy waves. More than 11,000 bodily functions, stress factors, diseases and substances are measured. The effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, water management, insufficient exercise and poor nutrition are also measured.

The underlying causes are traced, such as a burden of viruses and bacteria. For example Q-fever, Lyme disease, Pfeiffer and a load of heavy metals or toxins, such as mercury from dental amalgam. Mental, emotional (unprocessed) charges on conscious and subconscious levels also come into the picture. You get a holistic insight into your stress levels. It is not a medical diagnosis but an insight into stress factors, which your body and mind indicate.

Within this special system the intelligence and knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine are stored and used. Such as Electroacupuncture, Homeopathy, Phyto-therapy, Ayurveda, Bach blossoms and other flower remedies, NLP, Regression therapy, Neurofeedback with Brainwave therapy, Emotional and trauma therapy, and Others.

During treatment, the Eductor constantly measures whether the correct dosage is given and the program itself stops if your body indicates that it is enough. You are therefore automatically protected by this intelligent system against an excessive dose of treatment.

The SCIO-EDUCTOR is the improved successor to the SCIO (= Greek for knowledge) and INDIGO since 2014. It is a widely used, advanced Bioresonance system. It is also known as Quantum Biofeedback system.

The SCIO-EDUCTOR works entirely with the holistic approach, both in the measurement, in the analysis of causes, and during the treatment. That is what makes this system so special, the depth effect in all your dimensions. I have not experienced that with other devices.

The SCIO-EDUCTOR works in the Quantum field, also known as the bio-energetic field. Time and distance are irrelevant. It works immediately and anywhere in the world.

At Alvital I have treated clients satisfactorily in Finland, England, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Qatar. I also treated pets remotely with good results. Working in the Quantum field has already proven itself.

Working remotely is useful for small children and people who live far away or have limited mobility.

N.B .: More than 200,000 SCIO systems are used worldwide by therapists, doctors, sports doctors, dentists, sports trainers and coaches.
The SCIO is used internationally for guiding and improving the performance of top athletes. Windsurfer Dorian van Rijsselberghe has won the Olympic gold medal and has been accompanied by the SCIO to become super fit. The Chinese Olympic team is accompanied by the SCIO and has achieved a record number of medals at their own games. Footballers from champion teams, such as Fulham and AC-Milan, are regularly treated with the SCIO. The players recover faster after matches and after injuries and their performance is better.

The SCIO-EDUCTOR is not used for medical diagnosis.
The system is used for analysis and treatment of stress complaints. It is applied independently and also in collaboration with other forms of medicine, coaching and therapy. It is also used in counseling people in sickness law, burnout, disability, reintegration.
The system is safe. It has been tested and registered with the US Health Service (FDA) since 1996.