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Forms of Therapy at Alvital

At Alvital I apply the following forms of therapy in combination:

This unique combination, which you will not find anywhere else, guarantees you a completely holistic approach. A complete investigation of your health issues and not a specialist approach on parts of your body or mind.

Naturopathy has a kind of law: for the number of years that your symptoms are developed, you need the number of months to recover. With my approach this is often much faster, because I treat more problems holistically at the same time in my combination therapy. For chronic complaints, the treatment time is a number of months with a consultation once a month.

The therapies can be applied separately as required. Bioresonance is usually the start. This continues during the consultation. At the same time, other forms of therapy can be fitted as required.
Mental/emotional/spiritual aspects can be discussed and treated with Psychodynamics.
A Quantum Touch healing can also provide relief from your (pain) complaints.
Frequency wire therapy and flower remedies are taken home as a cure for further energetic treatment.

The therapies in one or more treatments can ensure that:
  • physically reduce your pain and fatigue,
  • mentally you become calmer and you feel more relaxed,
  • emotionally your tension is going to (learn to) release,
  • spiritually you go through a piece of processing and can grow in your life.

That is working holistically in All your dimensions on your Vitality.

The degree of results partly depends on your own self-healing capacity and breaking your pathogenic blockages.

This is my contribution to you to throw your pathogenic ballast overboard and to work on your own core qualities, to be the best you can, namely yourself.

Do you want to have your complaints treated in this way? Then make an appointment or ask for more explanation.