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Remote Consultation

What is possible at a distance?

I can do your measurement and treatment remotely while you are at home or traveling. The SCIO-Eductor works in the Bio-Energetic- or Quantum field. The system is also known as Quantum Biofeedback. Micro-organisms are instantly made harmless, so you can cure and heal.  Time and distance are irrelevant. It works immediately.

With my gift I can see and give healings from a distance.

Working remotely is useful for small children, people who live far away, are traveling or have limited mobility.

Internationally I already have a lot of experience with this kind of treatment. In my practice I have successfully treated clients in Finland, England, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Qatar.

Working in the Quantum field is already a proven practice.

Preferable for some clients

Some (sensitive) clients prefer remote consults. They do not have to travel. It is more relaxing for them. They feel the energy coming in very subtle and can relax and meditate during the consult.

How does a remote consultation work?

We have contact via telephone or Skype/Whats App and you send the required information via Email. I work in Dutch and English and understand German and speak a little.

We make an appointment for a treatment.

You will receive an invoice in advance, which needs to be payed before the consultation.

During the consultation we are in contact and we discuss the measurement results and the progress. We can work directly on mental / emotional / spiritual issues. We can also discuss the future treatment plan.

The measurement report and my findings are sent to you via Email.

If you live remotely, travel around the world or have problems with traveling to my practice, than you can consider a remote consultation and you are most welcome to make an appointment.