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Remove Strange Energy

Do you carry a strange energy with you, like an entity that is not yours? Is there a strange energy in your house?

Are your children not sleeping and anxious? Do they see shadows or people in the house? Do you not feel comfortable at a certain place in the house? Are there accidents happening at home?

I can remove these strange energies from you and out of your home or office. These are also called entities, attachments or demons in heavier situations. I help these wandering souls to the light and they will not return

It can happen that someone feels attacked by an entity, thinks that this is caused by black magic or other causes, which, however, is not an external entity, but a subconscious, imperceptible sub-personality of himself. It can appear as an unfamiliar voice in the head, a compelling influence on thinking and behavior, or pain complaints. That could be a personality disorder. That is not covered here in practice. Black magic, black voodoo, possessions are not covered here as well.

Do you feel the burden of your family on you and do you suffer from accidents and diseases in your life?

Were you the most sensitive child? Did the entire parental family lean on you and did they parasitize on your energy? Are you unconsciously the bearer of a family curse in your family?

Such a burden can occur for several generations in your family.  I can help you to remove the curse or break the spell. Then your entire family line, including your ancestors and your own children, will also be redeemed.

Examples of how family curses arise:

If in one of the previous centuries someone of a certain religion married a partner from another religion, then you were lovingly received in one family and church. In the other family or church it could happen that you were doomed and that they “prayed” for you. This is where a family curses arose, which have been passed on unconsciously for generations. The most sensitive child in a family is often the bearer of this.
If you want to switch from one particular religion to another in these days, then with certain religions you still run the risk of being silenced, doomed or even threatened with death.
There are cultures where black magic or witchcraft is applied to a person, which can harm sensitive people and make them sick or worse.
All these situations are curses or spells.

As a spiritual therapist I have experience in safely removing foreign energies from you, your family and from your home or office, without having to come to your place. This takes one consultation of one hour.

In tackling all these problems you have the advantage that I can offer solutions in all your dimensions. I can treat you broadly, from germs (physically) to disturbing strange energies. Often the pathogens settle in weak spots in a body. The trauma burden and pathogens must be tackled in conjunction with each other. You do not need to go to several specialized therapists for that.

I invite you to throw your superfluous ballast overboard and work on your own core qualities, to be the best, namely yourself.